Even If We Are Never More Than Strangers, I Am Still Thankful For You

Paulo coelho on Alchemist quoted, “I love you because entire universe conspired to help me find you”. This post addressed to a man with brave soul, high minded, whole hearted genuine.  Whose life vision is to do dakwah. Whose work is to respect not to be respected. Who never give up to the world but fear and resignation is only to Allah. Even there are no connection between you and me, and sadly we are never more than strangers, i must thank you for being the root of my soul. You keep in silence but you strenghten the stern of my tree, bring water to my dried leaves, and give rise to my sweetest fruits. Don’t you ever think i didn’t or never or even won’t pay attention to your every single steps, you just see my eyes ignored you but my mind won’t. Since destiny is not on my hands, and i couldn’t set my own that you will be my forever future, cos we both know, all is Allah’s de facto. Let my sense of awe in you dissapeared as the clock ticked. Or strengthened along with the definition of true love, wether I removed you as far as anything, you will come back, again.

Biarkan dopamin ini terbang di mana-mana, gue memang gini kalo lagi kangen, sayang janji gak akan kepo-kepo lagi sudah terikrar, biarkan gue gila semalem sajaaaaa😭😭